Monday, September 11, 2006

call for submisions-the first cotswold artist trading card exhibition

Artist trading cards are not as well known here in the UK, so to promote them in the Cotswolds i am organising the following exhibition.

Organised and funded entirely by myself and at my own cost, any contributions {in cards not money please} is more then greatly accepted.

We have local press the evesham journal, cotswold life and the cotswold echo plus craft shops all over interested in covering the exhibition in publicity.

We are hosting the swap in the picturesque town of Broadway, Worcestershire which hosts the amazing lygon arms, amazing shops and many eateries, generally a good day out i feel...on the 2nd of december 2006.

To have your atc's included in this amazing opportunity in the centre of the Cotswolds please forward 2 atc's or more if you wish. As well as your atc's please provide a small bio of yourself, email address etc. so this can be put besides your work, you never know who will be there....

These works can not be returned and donated cards will become part of my personal collection after the exhibition.

This exhibition is only promotional, no cards are for sale.

Any meduim is accepted painted, drawn, fabric, clay,...anything goes if are sending digitals please use embelishments.

All artists who donate cards will have there work named in the exhibition newsletter.


1. Cards must be the size of 2 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches any shape.. but must fit in to this size if you are using fibres or ribbions that are moveable and are out of this shape then that is fine

2. Must be made with love.

I will post all information of any press coverage, photos and write ups along with all names and emails of the kind donations of you lovely people.

The date of the exhibition is 2nd december 2006...

Cards can be sent any time from now till 25th november 2006, as i will need week to provide all display aids and to give local flyers out.

Wish me luck and thank you for taking part in opening people's eyes to the art that is all around us, please keep art alive and loved as its one way of us being us.

love katie x x x x

any questions please email at

evesham atcgroup

A atc club in evesham/cotswolds area.
hi im kate i am a massive collecter of this new art concept and i was finding it hard to trade in this area so i have set up my own trading group in the following area.i would love you to come along and meet the group i also organize trades by post for people who do not like trading in the usa etc...
please email me if you are intrested in joining post or face to face meeting. In face too face meetings please bring along 2-4 atcs and good humour.and lets start trading.

I am also hosting a artist trading card exhibition in the local area which i am funding out of my own pocket any contributions (not money) but cards would be amazing as i would love the conecpt to grow in the surrounding area of the cotswolds where i live and make it a bit more well known for first timers etc...
please email for the following information on the exhibition or for the trade meetings